Engineering Destruction (2014)

by kraigmarshall

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From The Dungeon Podcast
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From The Dungeon Podcast This has to be by far the best album I heard in a long time just listen to the lyrics and you will know what im talking about. Favorite track: Damage Control.
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released July 7, 2014


all rights reserved


Track Name: Blackout
Moved to Queen city with the junkies
Smoking up our last dollar bill
Hit the dirt before you descend
We want to blame God but we're playing pretend

Someone get me out
Get me out or kill me now
Someone get me out
Burn it all to the ground
Someone get me out
I can't wake up another day
With the sun in my eyes and the world gone away.

All the stupid things I've done and all I've yet to do
Led me here to this cardiac blackout with you
I can't wait to blackout and you feel the same
I can't wait to blackout and forget your name

I'm done baby done with the rat race
Sick of coming up with the rent
Track Name: Damage Control
You can't fix me with medication
I'm not a person I'm a prescription
Pills and therapy can't heal my soul
All you're doing is Damage Control

I just close my eyes and I pray to dream
Before the gun makes a sound I need something to believe

I prayed to die and I failed
Crashed my car into the guard rail
Some say an angel is looking my way
It doesn't change how I feel today
Track Name: ThorN
I don't know you anymore
Fuck the world, save your skin, take your love, sit and spin
You don't know me anymore
I don't fear who I am I just don't give a damn
Now you owe me everything
You turned off, I lit up, now I don't give a fuck.

I, I'm just a thorn in your side
I got my eyes open wide
And I see you living a lie
I don't know you anymore
I don't know you
The night our daughter was born
We just got lost in the storm
No rose blooms without a few thorns.

I don't know you anymore
Who are you anyway you just seem so afraid
You don't know me anymore
You want attrition and I just want someone else to blame
Now you owe me everything
Pull the ThorN from your heart, but I felt the sting
Track Name: Hypo Critical
Buy the ticket take the whole damn ride
This heartbeat, flat line me
I don't know who I've become inside
You've become someone else and you're watching me die

I'm hypocritical, I'm unbelievable
I try to ignore it, it's getting impossible
Get me a hospital, someone to diagnose
I'll be the next one dead from an overdose
Track Name: Ghost in Blood
I left my mark where your hands can't corrupt
I'm an essence in her veins, a ghost in her blood
Betray every promise you made
She's part of you, but she's part of me too

When I'm dead I'll still be inside of her
You can leave, she'll still remind you of what we were
Ignore my pain, you can't ignore my face
And I know when you look at her she'll remind you everyday

Do you cry over everything instead of dreaming
Do you stay up late with nightmares until you're screaming
I need closure, bring me closer
I need to touch you one last time and kiss until it's over

Disillusion, hurt and sullen
No chance of resolution
There was a time you had a soul inside
But now everything is broken
Track Name: Ignition
Get the volt from the relapse
Electric for the synapse
Predetermined existence
Destroyed through resistance

We'll watch the sky fall down
Because life's no fun
We'll soar on wings of wax too close to the sun.

When the weight of the world weighs a ton
I'm just trying to hold on
Don't worry about me when I'm gone (Ignition)
Feel the force of the storm in my veins
Sometimes it's too hard to take
The beginning of my greatest escape

Exploration through physics
We await their return
Blueprint hieroglyphics
We're gonna burn, burn

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